Monday, January 21, 2008

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Spanking with Benefits (Upper East Side)

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Date: 2008-01-15, 1:29PM EST

I'm looking for a girl-next-door type girl for some spanking fun in exchange for some help with bills.
We could be doing this on a regular basis if we like each other.

If you are in your 20s, slim body-type, non-pro, preferably blonde, have been spanked before, and the thought of getting paid AND spanked titillates your fancy -- I would like to meet you for a casual OTK session.

You could tell me about your naughty endeavors that make it necessary for you to be spanked, or we can role-play, either way – lets have fun about it.

In your response...
- Please tell me about your past experience being spanked.
- Please attach your pics.

NYC - w4w - 35

Need and Yearn For a Spanking - 35

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Date: 2008-01-14, 6:50AM EST

It has been way too long since I've had a REAL spanking. Can be punishment/discipline, role-play, fun..............OTK, floggers, belts, etc. Just need a Dominant woman who can dish it out....I need the release!!! Can you help me?

Los Angeles - w4m - 25

Sub Woman Looking for Ongoing, Discrete NSA - w4m - 25

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Date: 2008-01-20, 11:22AM PST

Young, attractive and athletic female here with very real submissive sexual fantasies and needs. I am looking for a discrete man who would enjoy dominanting me and who understands that this would need to be a private affair just between the two of us.

I am looking for someone for regular, on-going, no strings attached slave/master sessions. I am looking for someone who will use me as his personal sex slave, who will degrade and humiliate me, verbally abuse me and use me to satisfy his sexual needs. I am looking for a man who will make sure I am always aware of my submissive position to him, who will make sure that I know that my needs are not important...only his....that I have no choice but to obey his commands. I am to suck his cock, lick his balls and ass, submit all three of my holes and much more as much, as often and as long as he commands regardless of how tired I might be.

Just so we are clear....I am not into pain or torture. I accept discipline as part of this play. My ass is yours for spanking with bare hand, paddle or belt. Hair pulling, light face slapping and light bondage are okay. Anything else regarding pain would need to be discussed and agreed. Verbally there are no limits to how you speak to me. W/S and other kink is fine but should be discussed before meeting. I'm open to both sexual/domestic obedience on weekends or all day sessions too.

All ages/races welcome as long as 21 or older. You must be safe, clean and d/d free like me. Safety and privacy are very important to me. I can host or travel.

If interested (and please be serious about this) send me an email with pict, an idea of what your looking for, and an idea of when and how we can begin training. For me to embrace and enjoy this I'd like to start this relationship as slave/master right from the first contact. Do not be shy or hold back at all. You are free to speak to me as if you own me right from the start. I am looking for a man who will feel comfortable and confident in this role. I know this type of sexual play is not for everyone. I am looking for someone who would enjoy this as much as myself.

Los Angeles - m4m - 34

It would be quite an experience to see this gentleman!


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Date: 2008-01-20, 12:48PM PST

Are you a young man who knows there have been times in your life when you have escaped paying the consequences for your behavior? Do you know when your behavior has simply not been acceptable and should have been punished?

I am a safe and sane man in his mid-30's who knows what it will take to get you back on track. I provide old fashioned discipline to young men between the ages of 18 and 40. I will teach you respect, manners, and revise attitudes when needed. I am a nice and understanding guy but also very strict when the time comes and will deliver a proper spanking. I am

not misled by promises, nor tears.

When you step out of line and your behavior merits a sound spanking, expect to be ordered to the corner, where you can spend some time thinking about your upcoming punishment. After a brief spell facing the wall, you will be told to strip down. Yes, all spankings are delivered on the bare bottom. I'm afraid that is one point which is completely non-negotiable.

After you're properly bared, you will remain in front of me standing at attention, while we discuss your behavior. I don't want there to be any doubt in your mind as to why you're about to be spanked, and how you can avoid being spanked in the future. After the lecture ends, you will be ordered to turn over my knee (or bend across the sofa, etc.) and, once you're properly positioned, the spanking will begin.

Discipline is only effective if the recipient is punished to the point where there is no defiance or resistance. I am very fluent in proper application of my hand, a hairbrush, paddle or strap. I will warm you up with my hand but, once your cheeks are flushed pink, expect to feel the sting of whichever implement we've previously discussed. Rest assured, I WILL get through to you and make an impression. None of this will be done in anger. None of this will be done abusively. However, it will be done with purpose.

If what I have written resonates to the point where you have butterflies in your stomach, I expect you to write a polite email letting me know a bit about yourself and what you're interested in. Include your stats, your experience (if any), and a clear face photo.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Los Angeles, m4m

I love the first line of this ad...


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Date: 2008-01-21, 10:51AM PST

Spankings are for sissies. Men are disciplined.

Men benefit from regular sessions with the strap or paddle on their bare ass. This is done for discipline, punishment, and to hold a guy accountable for his behavior.

If you share this understanding, respond to me with a detailed description of yourself, your experience, and what you want to gain by submitting to corporal punishment.

No drugs, no dick pics, no flakes.

Los Angeles - w4mw - 20

Are you a lowly Undeserving little worm? - w4mw - 20

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Date: 2008-01-16, 9:17PM PST

Are you a delectable piece of useless fleash that needs to be Whipped into shape by a hot, harsh, & extra curvy Mistress?

Are you in need of A strong corset bound woman to put you in your place and make you like her boot heal like the undeserving weak and pathetic thing that you really and trully are?

I enjoy taming the soft sweet bodies of woman, but this year I'm open to the challege of any male who tries to test or oppose me.

All shall taste the leather of my paddle.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Seattle - m4mw - 51

One (or both) of you meeds a spanking! - m4mw - 51

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Date: 2008-01-19, 11:23AM PST

Experienced spanking dom will spank one or both of you as the other watches, directs and encourages?

Give your boyfriend or girlfriend an embarassing no-nonsense over the knee spanking on his or here bare bottom. I will also use the paddle for complete humuliation.

Experienced, HWP (160lbs.) safe and sane white Bi guy - limits respected -

Tacoma area and please be able to host!